Maji de? – East Asian Party Club

Lördag 10 Februari
The East Asian party club in Gothenburg is back!

“Maji de?” can be translated from Japanese slang into ”for real?”, and, yes, it is for real – the best music from Japan and Korea right here in Gothenburg! It will be a ridiculously crazy mix of the best that J-pop and K-pop has to offer ­­– beyond Gangnam Style. From dope hip-hop beats to right down crazy house music.

The resident DJ, DiscJokk will mix Japanese club music with the hottest k-pop hits, old and new. He regularly DJ’s at east asian pop cultural events and was previously the co-organiser of CLUB MIRAI. With him is Jean Bloc, a producer from Sweden’s east coast. His speciality is to mix a wide variety of styles with influences from the Japanese & Korean music scenes. So you can expect anything from fresh K-pop to wild club tracks straight from Japan!

Get ready for a night club that isn’t your average night out!
The club has a limit of 150 ppl, so don’t miss out!
Tram-stop Stigbergstorget or Kaptensgatan

  • Entré: 80 kr
  • Start kl. 22.00
  • På Café Hängmattan
  • Åldersgräns 18 år
  • Ingång Karljohansgatan 16
  • Arrangemanget sker i samarbete med ABF Göteborg