BeatboxGbg 2022 Official Preparty – 80s Forever

BeatboxGbg 2022 Official Preparty – 80s Forever



Start the BEATBOXGBG weekend in the best possible way. Join our journey back to the decade of pulsating neon, giant hairstyles and of course – the best music!

This night is a celebration of the 80s, hosted by DJ Berra/DJ Halmstad and and features liveacts, quiz, talks & people – a nice evening, simple as that.
On stage:
1984 – the sharp dressed Swedish gentlemen who delivers instantly catchy tunes and nothing but a fun time.
Cliff Wedge – the mysterious hitmaker who (almost) never performs on stage.
+ a few surprises

This event is INCLUDED if you have a VIP-ticket to the BeatboxGbg-festival. If you have a regular BeatboxGbg-ticket or only want to go to this preparty you need a ticket for this event, see ticket link.

Arranged by and Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg

Fredag 27 Maj

  • Öppnar 19.00
  • Stänger 01.00
  • Entré: 195 kr (ink avgift vid förköp)
  • Åldersgräns 18 år
  • Hängmattan
  • Ingång Karljohansgatan 16
  • Meny & bar.

Köp förköp eller på Pusterviksbiljetter/Järntorget
Arrangemanget i samarbete med ABF Göteborg