Progressive Circus and Maximum Booking are super proud to present 4 Scandinavian concerts with  GONG  

Nov 11 – Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil
Nov 12 – Malmö, Babel
Nov 13 – Gothenburg, Musikens hus
Nov 15 – Stockholm, Debaser 

The legendary psychedelic space/prog rock collective GONG have just released the stunning album ”Unending ascending” and will tour the world in 2024, with visits to Sweden and Denmark in November. Their recent show at Fasching in Stockholm sold out, and the band is eager to come back to Scandinavia for more concerts with their most stable line-up ever: Kavus Torabi (lead vocals and guitars, ex-Cardiacs, Knifeworld), Dave Sturt (bass), Fabio Golfetti (lead guitar), Ian East (saxophone) and Cheb Nettles (drums).  

Ever since its’ beginnings with Australian beatnik poet Daevid Allen (ex-Soft Machine) and his partner Gilli Smyth in a French commune in 1967, the GONG entity has continuously evolved throughout the decades, with several albums often found on the best-of-prog-lists. The iconic ”Radio Gnome Invisible” trilogy with ”Flying Teapot” (1973), ”Angel’s Egg” (1973) and ”You” (1974) helped the band establish themselves as something completely unique, groovy, fairytalish and psychedelic – both on record and on stage. Many members have passed through the band, but apart from Allen and Smyth, some profilic members have been Steve Hillage, Pierre Moerlen, Pip Pyle, Didier Malherbe, Theo Travis and on stage, Bill Bruford and Dave Stewart.  

In 2015 Allen announced that a cancer left him six months left to live, but before his death he wrote an email to the band wishing they should continue with recently joined Kavus Torabi as the new frontman. So they did, and the following release ”Rejoice! I’m Dead” (2016) not only honoured the tradition of Gong, but was also hailed as one of the best releases of the band’s career. Some extensive touring followed, and another very well received album ”The Universe also Collapses” in 2019 paved way for the latest masterpiece ”Unending ascending” released in November 2023 and the tour in 2024 to follow, some 57 years after the band started.  

Every Gong show is a ritual, involving band and audience. Over the course of an intense and ecstatic two hours, Gong hypnotises with pulsating riffs, soaring vocal harmonies and angular pointillistic arrangements. Moving through overwhelming peaks of sonic intensity to blissful, dreamlike passages all the while illuminated by an unforgettably kaleidoscopic light show by Fruit Salad Lights. Gong mine their recent catalogue while also dipping into the classic era, every night an unforgettable transformation. No minds left unblown.  

Onsdag 13 November
Stora scenen

  • Vi öppnar kl. 19.00
  • Entré: 460  kr (ink avgift vid förköp)
  • Åldersgräns 18 år
  • På stora scenen
  • Ingång Djurgårdsgatan 13
  • Meny & bar.