HENGE Turnerar i Skandinavien för första gången- och dom kommer till Hängmattan!
Det här FÅR ni inte missa, för dom är något alldeles extra!

Attention Humans! This is HENGE.
We are not from this world.
We bring you music from distant planets.

We offer this gift for the edification of humankind… so that eventually your species may put an end to war and set up new homes in space.
Extra-terrestrial joymongers – HENGE – have been delighting audiences in the UK and Europe since they landed on Planet Earth eight years ago. Their scintillating live performances earned them ‘Best Live Act’ at the Independent Festival Awards and they have since cemented their reputation with three acclaimed albums, numerous tours and regular main-stage festival appearances.
Their music escapes definition, but occupies a space between rave and prog rock that nobody knew existed. It is energetic, subversive and invigoratingly playful, jovially going ‘where no one has gone before’.
Ultimately, HENGE are spreading a message of hope which leaves audiences feeling amused and uplifted in equal measures.

Lördag 06 April

  • Vi tar entré från kl. 20.00
  • På Scen ca kl. 21.00
  • Entré: 175 kr (ink avgift vid förköp)
  • Åldersgräns 18 år
  • Hängmattan
  • Ingång Karljohansgatan 16
  • Meny & bar.
  • Restaurang öppen tidigare >>>

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