– Minami Deutsch is a Krautrock band from Tokyo.
Formed by Kyotaro Miula in 2014, they got their start playing live music on the busy streets of Tokyo. This lead to their participation in Krautrock Night, a party hosted by Tokyo Psych Fest, and later a tour of Taiwan. In September, 2015, they released their first record through the English cult label Cardinal Fuzz Records.
At the same time, Minami Deutsch also released their album on cassette/digital-download
through Kikagaku Moyo’s label Guruguru Brain. This release received a lot of positive attention from review sites around the world such as Echoes and Dust and Psychedelic Baby Magazine, along with many blogs and Japanese based music websites as well.
In July 2016, they released 7inch EP ”Tunnel / New Pastoral Life”. The EP was released as
Donut Hole at first and was also reissued with Small Hole version. It was nominated in ”The 20 best 7″s of 2016” on The Vinyl Factory. In September 2016, Minami Deutsch did their first European Tour and played at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.
In February 2017, their first album was released as CD from German psych label Suratron
Records, which is run by Electric Moon. In the summer of the year, they did 40 shows tour in Europe and played at Desertfest Belgium, one of the most important fests in stoner rock scene.
In 20th of April 2018, they released their 2nd album ”With Dim Light”.
The album was premiered by an American music media, Aquarium Drunkard, and Pitchfork
reviewed it as ”Krautrock, psychedelia, and a DJ’s flair for track sequencing come together on an album that proves this Tokyo trio is more than just a revival act.”
In May 2018, the split 7″ with kuro was released from God Unknown Records in UK, and they played at famous Roadburn Festival for 2 days. In one of the shows there, they shared the stage with Damo Suzuki, a former vocalist of legendary Krautrock band, CAN.

– When you put on the first track on the album Antisocial Background 2017-2019 by Mythologen your likely to think: ”this is THAT kind of an album”, and feel happy with that. But Mythologen, aka Alexander Palmestål, is not ”THAT” kind of an artist and this album reflects his broad musical background. It spans from Japan to USA, from the ’70s to the ’00s and from cold concrete floors to fluffy cotton clouds. Palmestål, with a background in bands such as Pistol Disco and Iberia, now releases his second full-length album on Höga Nord Rekords. The album is a play with emotions and genres, with unexpected meetings between major and minor keys and is a collection of tracks where jungle, electro, house, synth, and big beat are deconstructed and put together as relevant contemporary dance music. The production on Antisocial Background sometimes sound like a more electronic version of Boredoms but most of the time it puts the listener on the British Isles and in the ’90s. Palmestål pays respect to his masters but he is not in any way too careful with their legacy and let, just as on his self-titled debut album (HNR 009LP, 2017), influences from the 1970s and 80s Nigeria and Soweto.

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