The Telescopes (UK)

Vi kan stolt meddela att hyllade The Telescopes, kommer att inta Hängmattans scen i Juni!

The Telescopes are an all embracing concern that began in 1987, the only constant being sole composer/ instigator, Northumbrian born Stephen Lawrie. The band’s line-up is in constant flux, there can be anywhere between 1 and 20 members on a recording.
The Telescopes music has constantly pushed at it’s own boundaries, it overlaps many genres following its own course, inspiration led.
Time has shown The Telescopes music not only withstands repeated listening but also reveals something new with each listen, it has been described by the British music press as ’more a revolution of the psyche than a revolution of the sidewalk’; a thread consistent throughout a highly influential body of work spanning over 30 years. The Telescopes have been cited as an influence on many artists across genres, around the world.

Fredag 16 Juni

  • Vi tar entré från kl. 20.00
  • På Scen ca kl. 21.00
  • Entré: 200 kr (ink avgift vid förköp)
  • Åldersgräns 18 år
  • Hängmattan
  • Ingång Karljohansgatan 16
  • Meny & bar.
  • Restaurang öppen tidigare >>>

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